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Be aware that 검증 사이트 bookmakers and betting unions have been using xG for years, which shows that using these metrics to help you with your bets is a great idea. However, being totally honest, don’t think that knowing this will lead you to the houses. Don’t think you found a gold mine. What you have at hand is a great tool that gives you an idea of ​​how teams are behaving from game to game and also how each player is currently producing with that formation.

The Offers for You

This will give you a strong weapon that, if used well, can pay off. For example, we have notebook annotations (We prefer the role) of xG for many teams with the starting lineup, with the main player involved or not.

  • So when the main player is not on the pitch, the team’s xG is usually not that good when the defender or scorer is not in the field, the xGa against his team increases. These are things that help me make better decisions.

The xG metrics used by bookmakers are more advanced than anything you or we can find on the net publicly. But don’t be discouraged about it. Be aware that one of the things that influence the odds movement is the money that gamblers put in, and the overwhelming majority have never heard of expected goals.

The Entire Set of Data

All the data you can use to formulate your reading is valid, it is an extra tool for your analysis. And how to underestimate a tool that justifies who was superior in a given game, regardless of the final score?

The outcome of a match itself does not tell the story of how that match happened, so a team that has “kneaded” the opponent and lost may turn out to be a good bet against another team that has been “kneaded” and won.

Expected Goals and Practical Betting

Earlier we said that we would not explain in this text how to calculate xG because it is something extremely long. And unless you have a good level of programming and statistical knowledge, as well as a large database of the competitions you bet, you won’t be able to.

But luckily there are many websites and twitters out there who share their metrics and there you take your first steps on xG. On this site there are many metrics. For example, let’s take Manchester United’s last game of the 2018/19 Premier League season, where they lost 2-0 at home to relegated Cardiff.

Last Words

Man Utd had 1.90 xG against 1.71 from Cardiff and yet lost 2-0 without scoring a single goal. In deep we saw that Man Utd completed many passes close to the opposing goal and in PPDA the amount of passes given by the opposing defenders in their own field of attack.

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