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On December 2nd of the now distant 2009, a player belonging to the Party Casino VIP Club managed to win a prize of $ 4,978,336 by winning one of the largest jackpots in the history of online casinos. To succeed in this titanic feat, the player had to wager only $ 45, participating in the Gold Mega Jackpot game, with the Mega Fortune Wheel. 

Obviously the player did not expect a win of this size, much less to beat several records. This despite the fact that the player known as ‘gamago’ had already taken home two separate prize pools of $ 50,000 and $ 100,000. Of course, the substantial difference with a nearly $ 5 million prize is easy to understand. Go for the 918kiss there.

A player becomes a millionaire with Mega Moolah

Finnish player Klaus E. managed to become a millionaire in April 2008. How? Simply starting with a 50c bet and dramatically turning it into a $ 5,556,753 final prize pool. Many love using the Mega Moolah to try to win the progressive jackpot of this famous slot machine created by Microgaming. In this case the player has won the prize by playing on the Blackjack Ballroom Online Casino platform. For this player, too, the priorities were those of a long vacation and the purchase of an apartment, but before he could do so he had to go to Australia to collect his millionaire check.

Even a fisherman can become a millionaire

Is it possible for a simple fisherman to become a millionaire? It seems that in Aberdeenshire this became a reality during the month of October 2013, when a local player spending his time trying his luck at the Hall of Gods slot machine   managed to win a dizzying € 6.4 million prize pool thanks to this product created by NetEnt. And think, all with a 20 euro cent stake on the Victor Online Casino platform. According to the player’s statements, part of the prize was donated to charity.

A millionaire dark knight

In December 2012, John Orchard was able to win a £ 5.8 million prize pool in the city of Lincolnshire by playing the popular The Dark Knight video slot created by Microgaming. The platform used was Butler’s Casino and it is a game related to the famous Mega Moolah prize pool. John then stated that he would continue to work for five more years and then enjoy the prize pool he won at the casino.

A prize pool won twice in one week

For many players, slot machines are the most attractive games in a casino, but thinking that you can win a prize pool twice in a week seems like something out of science fiction. If we add to this the fact of winning it with a classic slot like the Gold Rally created by Playtech, the situation becomes even more incredible. In December 2013, two players were able to take home big prizes with this game, the first prize pool was $ 277,228 , while the big jackpot was won for a total of $ 6,347,118. This Far West-inspired slot machine is one of the most famous and many people over the years have enjoyed the prizes awarded by the game for a total of about $ 34,000,000.


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