Choose Your Rummy Variants Wisely To Grab Big Wins!

Rummy is one of the few online card games that promise unlimited entertainment, thrill as well as an opportunity to develop skills. An added advantage of playing rummy online is the immense variety it offers to players, that otherwise too, is essential to eliminate monotony and boredom. Major online rummy sites offer amazing rewards and bonuses to winners making players even more enthusiastic about playing this traditionally famous card game. Are you too one of those people who love playing rummy for the multiple rewards it offers. Then you must also know how crucial it is to choose the correct rummy variant to grab big wins. Here’s a guide for you to better understand each variant, and which one would suit you the best in different situations. Choose wisely to keep your winning ratio high and become a rummy pro:

Points Rummy 

It is the quickest variant of 13-card Indian Rummy game and can be played in less than 5 minutes on a two-player table. Each card has a specified point value and the player having a score of zero wins the game. The points are calculated based on the unmelded cards in hand, or in case of a wrong declare the player straightaway gets 80 points added to his account. 

If you want to play for a quick relaxing break or are short on time, then Points Rummy is the perfect game for you.  You must be proficient in making strategic decisions quickly and have a knack for understanding opponents’ gameplay by merely observing their moves.

Pool Rummy 

Just as the name suggests, here the players’ deposits form a pool, and the winner gets the entire money when the game concludes. You can choose to play either 101 or 201 pool game. The objective is to keep your points to the minimum until all players are eliminated from the table. Elimination is made when a player has accumulated either more than 101 or 201 points, depending on the table they are playing at. A single game may comprise of multiple deals, making Pool Rummy the longest variant of 13-Card Indian Rummy Game.

This variant offers a true test of one’s patience and the ability to keep their brain active even after playing multiple deals. Choose this variant if you have the patience and concentration required to play for long durations. 

Deals Rummy

As the name suggests, deals rummy comprises of 2 or 3 deals and is played with chips instead of points. Just like Points Rummy, each card has a specified value and players must keep their points to the minimum in order to win. The winning player in each deal receives chips from their opponent depending on the value of unmelded cards in hand. The winner is the player holding maximum chips on the conclusion of the game.

If you are proficient in devising new strategies quickly and can adapt to changes well, then Deals Rummy is just the right game for you. While playing a Deals Rummy game remember, that no two deals are the same even if your opponents and tables remain unchanged. Each deal needs to be treated as a new game altogether and must be played as a fresh one. 


Rummy Tournaments, or tourneys as they are commonly known as are meant for highly competitive players who love testing their skills from time-to-time. These are conducted over a reasonably long duration and must be played vigilantly. If you are competent, love challenges and have the confidence of a rummy pro, then tournaments are just the right thing for you. Although, unlike the above three variants, these are available for a limited time only, yet winning a tournament can definitely get you enormous cash rewards.


Indian rummy is quite an engaging game, and the availability of so many variants make it even more enjoyable.  However, if you aspire to keep your winning ratio high, then you must always choose a variant and game table depending on your skill level, and time availability. In the excitement of winning big, don’t forget about your financial constraints too, after all the game can only be enjoyed if played responsibly. While playing, keep the above tips in mind, and you are sure to grab big wins. Wishing you a gala time at the vibrant rummy tables.

Happy Gaming!

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