Choosing the best Modification Options for the Proper Website

Microdistribution is the standard of semantic optimization. The standard was introduced by the search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo in the summer of 2011. In the autumn of that year, it became known that Yandex was supporting the standard. Search engine optimization of site content cannot be complete without microdata markup.

Micro-marking allows robots to more accurately determine and structure information on the pages of sites. Micro-marking is performed by adding special tags to the HTML code of the page, which contain various useful information. Today, Google and Yandex experts recommend using the microdata method for markup. More details about the practical use of microdata can be found on the official website for help webmasters from Yandex. You need the best choices for 메이저사이트  here.

Formatting (<strong>, <b>)

For a while, SEO used a method such as highlighting keywords in the page text in bold using the <strong> and <b> tags. The use of these tags allowed influencing the ranking of promoted words in search engines. Later, this factor was taken into account in search algorithms and its effect was leveled. Also, for the excessive and unjustified use of strong, they began to apply sanctions in the form of pessimization.

However, do not completely stop using these tags, as some SEO experts recommend. Strongs can be used, but only to highlight sections of text (sentences or part of them) that you need to pay attention to. Naturally, you can have the key in the selection.

Spelling errors

A well-written text can attract the attention of a visitor, and vice versa, a large number of spelling errors can push a person away from a purchase, even if they are offered favorable conditions. In addition, the presence of errors in the text of the site can signal to search engines about the poor quality of the site. Accordingly, the pages of such a site will be lowered when ranking in the SERP.

  • It is necessary to check the text published on the pages of the site for errors. To do this, you can use the following method. To get started, you need to ask the artist to send the work in the Misrosoft Word file. Some errors can be seen without proofreading, since the program Misrosoft Word highlights incorrect words with red underlining, and errors in the structure of constructing sentences with green. It should be remembered that the elements of the sentence that are not always highlighted are mistakes.

Also, the first two or three texts written by a new copywriter who has not previously written texts for your site must be carefully checked manually, that is, subtracted. The proofreading will help to find almost all the mistakes made when writing texts. Based on the results, it will be possible to judge the quality of the work of a copywriter, with an abundance of errors it is worth stopping cooperation. If there are very few errors and the text itself is written according to the ToR, it makes sense to add the artist to the white list and continue to work with it, paying less attention to checking written texts.

Article section

In modern SEO, the textual content of the site plays an extremely important role the frequency of its updating, volume, and quality. That is why it is important to start the promotion not by outputting the HF keys to the TOP, especially since this is unlikely, but by writing texts optimized for LF / MF queries, placing them on the website, linking and displaying the search results in the top.


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