A betting strategy is a structured way of bettingto profit from the bets that you place. To be truly successful, the system must shift the home advantage to your favor – which is virtually impossible for purely random games of chance with fixed odds, like a perpetual motion machine. But how can betting strategies work? What do they entail?

One of the most straightforward betting strategies is to win by the number of bets that you place. This is usually referred to as “probability” or “payout.” For instance, if you bet $10 on a No-Limit Hold’em game and win nine times, you will profit nine dollars. If you bet that same amount on a seven-card draw and win five times, you will earn a profit of five dollars. You can adjust these values for smaller or larger pots and make a point of increasing them as your bankroll increases.

The most significant appeal of betting strategies is that you can use them repeatedly and whenever you wish. You can start by making bets at beginner levels until you are playing at more advanced levels. Or, you can switch betting strategies mid-game. Once you’ve mastered a particular technique, you can even go so far as to make automated betting systems using it!

There is a distinct advantage to both skill-based and value-betting strategies. In skill-based games like poker, your success largely hinges on your ability to think and guess accurately. At the same time, in value betting, you can count cards and identify profitable trends. It is entirely different from luck-based strategies. But it can work for very long-term profits. It can even generate enough money to cover the cost of hosting a website!

To know more about betting in Kenya, check out this infographic.



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