Dragon Tiger: Winning Strategies, Tips, and Tricks

Dragon Tiger is a popular card game among online casino players, mostly in India and South Asia. The secret behind its success might be its similarity with Andar Bahar (Andar Bahar Real Cash). Dragon Tigger and Andar Bahar have a lot in common and players who are tired of Andar Bahar often choose Dragon Tiger as their second choice.

Well, the similarities and differences of Andar Bahar and Dragon Tiger is an article for some other day. Now let’s see some Winning Strategies, Tips, and Tricks to play Dragon Tiger.

Play With Legit Sites

Let’s start right at the beginning. The mistake most players make before even the first card is dealt with is trusting an online casino that has not proven track record. Thanks to the popularity of games like Andar Bahar and Dragon Tiger, these sites have popped up everywhere, whose aim is only one thing, to scam you.

Before you run on all sorts of trouble, please make sure the online casino you are using is worthwhile.

Know The Rules

This advice may sound to you like a no-brainer. However, you would be surprised to know how many people play the game without fully understanding the rules.

It is absolutely important to know the rules. Yes, the Dragon Tiger rules are not complicated but many different online casinos have their version of Dragon Tiger and different payouts. So, make sure you know what you are looking at before putting in any money.

Stay Away from Tie Bets

In Dragon Tiger, you either bet on the Dragon side to win or the Tiger side. However, there is another bet that you can put aside from side bets. That is a “tie” bet. This means you bet on Dragon and Tiger side being dealt the card with the same number.

And the payout? It’s huge. In most casinos, it’s at least 8:1 in the least. Therefore, many players believe they should bet on the tie.

However, the news that they don’t tell you is that the house has a massive edge of 33%. Yeah, in the casino world, that’s a lot. If you are confused about the number, it means that 33% of the time, the house wins that bet.

As a result, it is best to stay away from Tie bets and stick to betting in Dragon or Tiger

Understand Side Bets

There are other bets aside from Dragon, Tiger, and Tie. They are the side bets. The payout is good, but the house edge is better. They are great to cut the monotony of betting on Dragon and Tiger. So, in order to make some change you can go ahead and bet on side bets, but understand what they are before you do it.

Manage your Bankroll

What happens is that the game of Dragon Tiger is played quickly. You get so hooked with the constant winning and losing as it is the game of equal probabilities after all.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to manage your Bankroll. Now, what managing bankroll means is you know how much you sat with and how much you have. It also means you take calculated risks that you will not regret later. Trust me, happens with the best of them.

Have Fun

Here is the most important tip that I will leave with you today. The essence of gambling is to have fun. However, in the race to win more money, people forget that and are miserable throughout the game.

Please, it is important that you have fun. It is my advice that you quit the moment you stop having fun. Life is too short to be miserable playing online games.

Have a good time.

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