– The most detailed South Forward card game rules

South Forward game card rules are a must to understand before playing a redemption card game. Understand the new rules of the game, it is easy to arrange and play cards properly. Moreover, understanding the rules of the game will also help you somewhat easily have a higher opportunity of winning and have a more stable physical mind.

We will help you learn the best about forward game rules in the article below.

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How to distribute cards

South Forward’s card rules are based on a 52-card Western deck. In the first match, we will probably do a scratch game to see who is dealing first. The game will start counter-clockwise. The first person who distributes cards will receive the first card. 

In the following games, the winner will be the person distributing cards and they will be the one receiving the first card. This type usually includes a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 people each person will receive 13 cards to arrange the value of cards before starting to play.

Card game rules

The South Forward card rules are pretty easy. Start with the first dealer playing the first card. The next game, whoever wins, will give the card first.

The playing process will be counter-clockwise as when dealing. The one to the right of the first batter will be next and so on.

In terms of the value of the cards, the minimum is 3 – spade and the maximum is 2 – heart. According to the country, the order would be Heart – Diamond – Club – Spade. If the opponent gives 3 – club, you can still hit 3 – diamond or 3 – heart.

In a special case, if the opponent hits and you have no cards to catch, then skip the turn. If the hand continues with those cards then you will not enter the round. You have to wait for a full turn to be able to catch the next card.

In case the player plays a card that no one has in the village, they have the right to continue playing another card.

The person who is out of cards first is the winner. During the match, you will not get to 2 finals. If so you will be punished, the 2 – spade lightest and heaviest penalties are 2 – heart.


South Forward’s game card rules are as simple as things. However, if you want to be a good player, you need to know about the terms when playing such as “sảnh”, “sảnh”, “sám”, three pairs in a row, four quarters … Detailed terms and rules will be provided in the next articles.

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