Is Rummy app download available for Apple devices?

Of the many gaming apps available to players, some are wildly popular than others, some in specific age groups more than others. Of the range of card game apps, the introduction of Rummy to the Indian market has been a monster hit. Millions of players have signed up and though the jackpots may sound amazing, players have won these amounts.  And there are many websites to choose from. Every website including Rummy Passion offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android phones. Rummy game download are available on the App store and can be easily downloaded.

Steps to downloading the Rummy App on Apple devices

These are the steps to download the Rummy app on your Apple devices, free.

  1. Search for Rummy in the App on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Click on the ‘Get’ button to download the app.
  3. Click or tap on ‘Open’ to activate the app and start playing.

The file size for the app is about 66 MB and works best with an OS of 9.0 or higher on any Apple device. The Rummy app download is recommended for people 12 years and older.  It is available in English, Italian, French and German.

What features can be expected?

You can play the game with 2 or more people in a group or with simulated opponents generated by Artificial Intelligence. You can also choose local and multi-player mode and start a game with WiFi and/or Bluetooth turned on.

The rummy game app is configured to include many variations to make it interesting to play.

Players can choose from these and other variations

  • An AI level in an opponent
  • The number of cards that should be dealt to each player
  • Number of jokers that should be included
  • Number of turns before a player should be able to make and put down a combination
  • Number of points needed for a first meld
  • Whether a sequence is needed or not in the first meld
  • Whether a discarded card can be retained or should be played

A lot of thought has gone into this rummy game to make it a very thorough app and players have to play a lot to learn a winning strategy.  What makes this rummy app download great is that it is easy to learn. The animation makes for a very realistic experience and challenging as it has been developed to include AI. Players can access information and statistics on any game they have played to understand their mistakes.

In case players are not sure about some rule, they can look for it in the app.  Another good feature is that any game currently in play will be backed up if the app crashes for some reason.


Rummy apps and websites are getting a lot of coverage in India after being released with great fanfare. Enthusiastic fans have signed up and many more are doing so to check out how easy or difficult it is to play on their smartphones. Rummy has always been a favorite game and rummy sites are making it more fun.

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