Manrique System or Parachute in Roulette

If you like playing roulette and know the various strategies you can use when betting, you should know that there are more developed methods based on multiple bets as Manrique System or Parachutes on live roulette. This is based on another previous system called Manrique’s Law, which consists of playing under the premise that “who can do the most, can do the least”, that is, the objective is to bet by making progressions in which the bid is not increased. The best thing is to go shelling little by little even with free Spins No Deposit.

What Is The Manrique Or Parachute System Based On?

This system is a true reflection of the “Progressions at Risk”, but instead of increasing the number of chips and bets to stop a bad streak, what is done is to place fewer chips, risking more, and therefore the prize is higher. Thus, the risk is increased with fewer chips, but the volume of winnings would be higher to curb those negative spins.

The method of the parachute system is to choose a number, 5 for example, and start betting based on the maximum that 34 bets can be made on each number and that, in the case of losing, we would lose 34 units. If our balance is less than one chip, it will be bet as follows:

We will bet one chip on the natural number six of the chosen number, in this case, 5, for 4 runs That is, we will bet a number six on the numbers 1-6, following the natural lines of the number six.

If you are not correct, a chip will be wagered for three spins of roulette squared that make up our chosen number. That is, we will bet a chip on the square 5-6-8-9 If the ball does not come out, a chip is bet on the fairway 4-5-6 during three spins.

If our number still does not come out, a chip is a bet for six spins on half-full. In this case, 5-6.

And finally, if our number does not come out yet, a chip is bet in full on number 5, for 18 spins.

The game ends when it is successful, and you will always win at least one chip. In total, we will have spent 34 tokens. When it is successful, you start again.

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