Methods and Bonus Amounts: What You Can Expect

There are dozens of Casino Games Australia systems and martingales. Even if it is not very well known in France, the 3/2 system is one of the most original methods. If you want to try out a new system, or better understand the secrets of roulette, read on.

Discover the principle of the three / two system.

The 3/2 System

To maximize their chances of winning, some players try to play on as many numbers as possible. For example, one might think that it is interesting to bet on all red numbers and all black numbers, or on all odd numbers and all even numbers. Thus, in French roulette, 36 of the 37 numbers are covered. And indeed, with this system, we have very little chance of losing but we also have very little chance of winning! You can play like this for hours, at the end of the day, you won’t win a cent.

The 3/2 system, on the other hand, was designed to bet on a maximum number of numbers while maximizing the winnings. It consists of playing approximately 70% of the roulette numbers, no more, no less. Make use of the netent casino no deposit bonus in this case.

How To Use It

The three / two system uses the configuration of the roulette table, on which the various numbers are arranged in three columns. The idea is to place two simultaneous bets: a bet on a single chance, that is to say eighteen numbers, and a bet on a column, that is to say 12 numbers. In all, you bet on 30 numbers, and, according to the supporters of this method, you multiply your chances of winning.

A Concrete Example Of Using The 3/2 System

To make things more concrete, let’s take an example, with European roulette. Suppose you opt for the first solution above, betting two units on column # 2, and three units on the color red. If you have 50 euros available, bet 20 euros on the column, and 30 euros on red, and click on “spin”. When the ball lands, the number 27 comes out, it is not on the second column, which means you have lost your first bet. On the other hand, 27 is a red number: you have therefore won your second bet.

Now let’s do the accounts

You have lost 20 euros, and you double your bet on the single odds, i.e. 30 euros x 2. You now have 60 euros in your pocket, which means that you will have won 10 euros. If the ball had stopped on a black number in the second column, you would have lost 30 euros, and multiplied by 3 your 20 euros: your profit would still amount to 10 euros. Not bad at all.


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