Monopoly Just the Way You Would Like To Play

Buy all the properties you fall on, unless the color of the field is already owned by multiple players. Build houses on the cheapest boxes to start. It does not cost much and it quickly becomes profitable. Later in the game, try to stay as long as possible in jail. You will avoid having to pay other players when you come across their properties. However, they will continue to pay you money.

Orange lands are the most valuable. They are the most visited because of their location in relation to the prison, at 6, 8 and 9 cells of it. If you can buy them, do not hesitate.

If you have to play the first move of the Monopoly Bring The House Down slot game, place your chip in the middle column, the fourth. If both opponents play perfectly, you must win at the end of the 41st round.


To beat your opponent in four moves, advance the pawn in front of your king by two spaces. Use your crazy as protection. Then take out your queen diagonally so you can take the opponent’s pawn in front of the madman. Your queen can then attack the opposing king by being protected by your madman. Checkmate.

The technique will not work if you play against a player who knows a little bit about it. But it will impress a novice player.


The Monopoly casino slot game is very much based on chance. But thanks to a little logic and trick, you can increase your chances of victory. First, visualize the opposing grid as a chessboard with black squares and white squares. The destroyer, the smallest ship, covers two spaces. It is therefore necessarily on a white box and a black box. If you hit all the white boxes, you will hit all ships at least once. Other more complex attack strategies exist to increase his chances of hitting the enemy.

On your grid, be sure to place the smallest ship in “T”. If the opponent sinks your destroyer and touches a part of the ship next to it, he will attack other targets and may not find the rest of the ship next to your destroyer.

The strategy of Business Insider is based, as is often the case for board games, on maths. What’s more normal when you know that the main spring of the game is the result obtained by the dice and the displacement on the plateau it entails.

  • Based on the probabilities of the cumulative results of the two dice (it is the number 7 that comes back most often), Chance and Community Cash cards, the prison box (the one where we land the most) and the rule that forbids to make three double dice rolls, Business Insider has determined an unstoppable tactic: you have to buy the stations at the beginning of the game. And if you have them all, it’s even better. Then, bet on the orange and red properties that prove to be excellent placement. Finally, a house should be built as soon as possible on orange properties and if you build three at a time it is even more profitable.

The conclusions of this study are not really revolutionary, since in 1996 researchers came to similar conclusions. Proof of this is that the technique is good.

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