Must know things about slots


You can find slots in every casino including gclub. Slots is an exciting game and all you need to do is spin the reel to find out your luck. Before playing slots, you should know about their basic terminologies used in slots.


The most vital component of slots is the pay line. The pay line will determine the winnings which you should get. The winning combination of the slot machine is displayed on the pay line. Generally, the pay line ranges between 9 to 30. A higher range of pay lines will result in increased chances of winning. In a higher number of pay lines, you can make combinations of straight, zigzag, or diagonal of the reels. Even if any of the sequences other than a straight line is formed, you may still win rewards.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are special symbols that increase the winning chances. They can also act as a substitute in situations where you have the same symbols and the other is a wild symbol. You can still win as the wild symbol act as a substitute. Wild symbols are not common in every slot machine. Some slot machines offer wild symbols where it has the highest value while in some other slots machines, they may not be present and even if they are present, they might not have a high value.

Scatter Symbol

Like wild symbols, scatter symbols are not present in every slot machine. When these symbols show up in the pay line, you win free spins as a bonus or even extra shots. These symbols are a part of other symbols and you need to get all the scatter symbols in a single line to win. Some casinos may have different offers for the scatter symbols and you should ask them to know about it.


Multipliers work when you get them with a winning combination. Multipliers can double or triple your actual winnings and have a higher payout than scatter or wild symbols. They also offer free spins and can multiply them as well.

Return to Player

Every slot machine which you choose has its Return to Player (RTP). RTP determines the percentage of your spendings which you are likely to win back. Since it is in percentages, a higher RTP would have better chances of winning. The RTP is calculated by taking a large number of trials into considerations. Thus, a high RTP is still not sure of getting you a win but you will have a high probability of winning.


Knowing these terminologies before playing slots in gclub will make your gameplay better.


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