Pittsburgh Sports Betting Is Made Even More Enjoyable With Parx Casino Membership Points

Parx Casino is the first fully regulated and licensed Pittsburgh sports betting website and app which means this one of the most impressive ways of indulging your love of gambling on sports in a safe and secure environment. Offering a secure way of making deposits and withdrawing your winnings is one thing, but members of Parx Casino also want to take advantage of the offers and membership points on offer with the membership of the X Club. As the Parx Casino is currently only open to those in Pennsylvania for play, the ability to spend some time at the Philly brick and mortar location is one of the most impressive aspects of the casino located in Philly.

Pittsburgh sports betting is key

Let’s face it, all the membership bonuses and special offers in the world are worth naught if the standard of the betting options is not as high as the customer service offered through Parx Casino. When you are looking for a positive way of making a bet and gambling on your favorite sport, the chance to do so should be simple and safe. Parx Casino has been working to develop its app for a long period of time and began working on online gambling options as far back as 2014, three years before the pastime was made legal.

Obviously, horse racing is key to the development of the Parx Casino in Philadelphia and the online app with Parx Racing the race track associated with the gambling brand. The opportunity to use the sports betting app to gamble on horse racing is available with meets being held at Parx Racing every Saturday through Tuesday. Despite it being an important part of the Pittsburgh sports betting options from Parx Casino, horse racing is not the only sport available from the brand, which also focuses on the major sports played in North America and around the world.

Join the X Club

Always trying to keep its customers happy with the most impressive benefits open to them in the 21st-century, Parx Casino is leading the development of a rewards program for members of the casino. Known as the X Club, the membership program is divided into three different sections of Players, Premium, and Elite levels. The first section is for new members who are looking to establish themselves at Parx Casino with Players level available to those with zero to 999 points. More points are added to the membership account of the individual when they make a deposit and play different games, whether they are free or paid. The premium level of the X Club comes available when a player reaches 1,000 points and Elite level is reached when a high roller hits 7,500 points accrued at Parx Casino.

Pittsburgh sports betting enthusiasts can take advantage of a series of impressive benefits offered through the Parx Casino X Club program. For members of the player’s program, the benefits become immediately available of bonus free plays on various slots and complimentary floor service at the physical location of the casino in Philly.

When moving up to Premium level, the benefits are mostly available inhouse at the physical Parx Casino with points being awarded for online play. The Parx Casino X Club offers complimentary top-shelf drink and valet service for X Club members. Finally, the elite members, the benefits hit new heights with a gated parking area to enjoy along with a number of priority services including a cashier window, entrance to the casino, and gift pickup.

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