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The world is developing, technology shows real miracles. Now almost any person has the opportunity to try himself in the role of a coach and make a very strong club out of a little-known team. We are talking about the browser-based game “Virtual Football League”, or as it is also called VSOL (from the English name VSOL – Virtual Soccer Online League).

  • Football, without a doubt, is the most spectacular and most beloved game in the whole world. Stadiums gather tens of thousands of fans when famous teams meet on the football field.
  • Sitting on the podium, or at the TV screen, almost every football fan criticizes the actions of football players or coaches. If the team wins, then the trainers are exalted, and if the team loses, the coach becomes the number one goal for criticism and ridicule. And this is at best.
  • The browser game “Virtual Football League”, or as it is also called – VSOL (from the English name VSOL – Virtual Soccer Online League) makes it possible to feel like a coach.

The essence of the game “Virtual Football League”

This casino188 game does not require additional download to your computer. Registration of an account will take only a few minutes, and a new manager (trainer) is automatically provided with one of the weakest football clubs to manage. In this game, there are more than 10,000 thousand real and fictional football teams from 5 continents. Australia and Oceania are included in the Asian Football Union.

At first glance, this game is boring and monotonous. But this is only at first glance. VSOL virtual football is a truly addictive logical football strategy. It does not take much real time. It is enough to spend a maximum of one hour to prepare your team for the upcoming game and achieve impressive results.

Statistics of players in the “virtual football league”

In the game, a novice trainer is provided with a team with a full team of players, as in real football. This means that there are two players, the main and the reserve team. There are also several types of buildings that are at ground level. This means that it is necessary to gradually rebuild the necessary buildings so that the players can have the conditions for obtaining the necessary knowledge that will contribute to the improvement of their game.


There are two types of game money in the game. The first type is the main game currency with an interesting name sun-weed (from the name of the game: VSOL virtual football). For them, there is a purchase of players, they pay wages to players, and much more. But for people who want to create a super team in a short period of time, there are additional opportunities. In this game there is a special program that accelerates all processes. Participants (team owners) can buy coins for real money, and additional bonuses will open for them.

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