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The quality football is the in the UEFA Champions League, in a “simple” match at first glance, which can prove more complicated if the British manage to overcome their status and set the bar of a big stars, this is Manchester City, which receives the visit of Real Madrid in the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League. The return match is scheduled on May 4, at Santiago Bernabeu. The stake, a huge one – the qualification in the final of the UEFA Champions League, which will be “consumed” in Italy, at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium in Milan.

The Attempts

With the thought of Italy, Manchester City and Real Madrid have a double-try, and online betting enthusiasts have a double-opportunity to live intensely hours of real football and take advantage of the odds of licensed agencies in our country. The ones from Unibet propose a generous share for the victory of the champions in Manchester: 2.46. And this under the conditions in which Real Madrid is a clear favorite, as the statistics show and as the expert points out in the video analysis he makes on YouTube as Unibet’s brand ambassador.

It is the first time that Manchester City reaches so high in European football, while for Real Madrid it is already “routine” the sixth consecutive semi-final disputed by the Spanish team in the Champions League. In the most recent match played by the two clubs, the British were “crushed” by 4-1 in a friendly. In fact, Manchester City has never managed to win in a direct confrtation with Real Madrid. Now is the time for a new premiere, beyond the historical premiere of playing in the League semifinals? At sports betting, any surprise is fully rewarded: 3.00 for City’s victory and 3.50 for equality.

The Online Bookmaker

But at online bookmakers you can take advantage of many other extremely interesting options, some of which are even statistics. Unibet will also allow live bets through its innovative technique where you can bet on what happens in the next minutes or even seconds; beyond that, the bets are validated ultra-fast, so the money won will reach the player’s online account even in less than a minute, so they can be placed again on another live bet.

The Requirements

For those looking for sports betting tips, the expert points out another opportunity: the 3.00 odds for a bet on Real Madrid as the winner of the UEFA Champions League. Therefore, in this case it does not matter how, but the achievement of the objective matters. With “goal car” Cristiano Rolando, Real Madrid seems to have a great chance to bring a new trophy in the window already very crowded and another possible bet: repeating the score 1-1 in the last match between Manchester City and Real Madrid played in the Champions League, 7.00 odds at the moment for the exact score. Refer ufabet for more betting options 


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