Types of casino bonus: Why you must know these terms and guideline?

For someone who starts playing games, receiving a slot online IDN casino bonus is essential for two reasons. The first because the casino offers us a real amount of money that we can use to play and, naturally increase our profits. The second is that many users lose their fear of contributing real and proper money after registration. All the online casinos that you will find on professional portal are 100% legal and work with secure payment methods.

Welcome casino bonuses

The welcome bonus is given to the user after registering for the first time in an online casino and making the first deposit of money. Virtually all the slot IDN sports online casinos that you will find in the professional network offer this type of promotion. The usual formula is to offer as a welcome bonus a percentage of the money contributed.For example. The casino offers a welcome bonus of 50%, this means that if the user contributes $ 100, the operator will offer $ 50 extras. In total the user will have $ 150 to play.This type of bonus is sometimes presented combined with a certain number of slots to slot machines.

Casino bonuses without deposit

The no-deposit bonuses are special promotions that online casinos and betting houses offer users to make themselves known. They tend to have marketing purposes, since to receive these bonuses the user must indicate an email where they will receive the bonus and, sometimes their telephone number. The bonuses without deposit are usually to be small amounts, usually $ 50 or less. That does not mean that this amount is not real and that it is subject to limitations, the user can use it as real money and even receive reimbursements of the profits.

Time limits

The bonds are only active for a limited period of time. It usually begins to count since the balance corresponding to the bonus goes up to your account in the casino, in calendar days. Many operators use the time limit with a resource to force players to give up the option to release the bonus, so you should verify that the terms established in the terms and conditions are realistic. The payment method is secured via SSL secure server, or even better. So, no chances of fake encounters.

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Collection of the bonus

The conditions for collecting casino bonuses are very strict. Whether you have received a welcome bonus or a no-deposit bonus, you must have used a real name in the registry. If the casino cannot verify your identity, you will not be able to collect the bonuses or receive the profits you have made. In addition, you can only use your real identity once in each casino and for each bonus. This means that you will only be entitled to a single welcome bonus in each casino in which you register. Everything you need to know to be able to release a bonus is often found in the Terms and Conditions section in any online casino portals.

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