What should you keep in mind when choosing an online bookmaker?

We do not recommend that the choice be based strictly on popularity. There are many bettors who voted for a certain bookmaker and later added negative reviews to that agency. Nothing wrong here, they did perfectly right, we just want to make sure that this rating of popularity is understood correctly, and is not perceived as a top of the best operators.

Like the other ratings on our site, this top includes only licensed 은꼴 bookmakers. Therefore, from this point of view you do not have to worry, you will bet in full legality and safety to any of the above operators.

But we recommend that you consider the following aspects before making a choice

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gambler, follow this comprehensive guide. There are decades of experience in a single article from which you only have to learn.

Read reviews from other bettors

With a simple click on the “Details” button next to the bookmaker in the list above, you will be able to read the full review of the Legalbet specialists, but also the bettors’ feedback. Check the rating according to the betting offer and make sure it has a rich offer.

Quotas also play an essential role. Find out with the profit margin that the agency operates. The higher the profit margin, the lower your earnings and vice versa. Orient yourself to a bookmaker with an acceptable profit margin.

The live betting platform is very important, especially if you prefer live betting to pre-live betting. Both live and pre-live bets have advantages and disadvantages . Decide for yourself which one suits you best and choose the house according to that.

Mobile platform

All houses are optimized, but not all are equally efficient. Not all have mobile applications, and in some cases the offer on mobile is lower than on the desktop version of the site.

Registration bonus

Odds are a very important criterion in choosing a bookmaker. Of course, the choice should not be based strictly on odds, there are many other aspects that you must take into account when choosing a bookmaker, but it certainly plays an essential role.

Here are the criteria we took into account and based on which we made this top:

Profit margin sports betting (payout)  – directly influences the winnings: the higher the profit margin, the lower the odds and implicitly your winnings will be lower. On the other hand, a bookmaker with high odds is preferable, for reasons that are easy to understand, but we do not recommend it to be the only criterion to rely on. All the calculations we performed to determine the profit margin is based on real quotas from the agencies’ offer.

Sports betting odds offered at events of maximum importance, but also at less important events. Some sites offer better odds for large events, relying on the fact that they are in high demand, but lower the odds for less important events. We made an average, because we consider it important to have good odds for both big events and less popular events.

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